Scrap Metal

Buy and Sell Scrap Metal

From purchasing vehicles from auto dismantlers to shredding obsolete scrap in preparation for mills, Liberty Iron & Metal Phoenix provides an entire range of cost-efficient recycling services, excellent customer service and fast turnaround times.

We buy from individuals who bring their materials to us, paying top industry prices based on current market conditions. We also provide:

  • Container services - we will haul away scrap metal from your location
  • On-site metal testing with our XRF Analyzer

Contact us for more information or for pricing.

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Materials We Accept

Non Ferrous Material

Aluminum Brass Copper
Aluminum/Copper Radiators Borings & Turnings No. 1 Copper
Aluminum cans  Red Brass No. 2 Copper
Borings & Turnings Hard Brass Insulated Wire
Extrusions Yellow Brass Lead
Aluminum transmissions Stainless steel & nickel alloys Auto Batteries
Irony Aluminum   Zinc
Aluminum Wheels    

Ferrous Materials

Autos Appliances
Sheet Iron Motor Blocks
Cast Iron Light Steel Cuttings/Busheling
Plate & Structural Scrap Machinery
Manganese  Electric Motors 

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